General Information

The  members  of  the  group:  

7  children aged 12-17, the  pupils of MBGEI «Gymnasia #6», the town  of  Novocheboksarsk of  the   Chuvash  Republic + the  leader of  the group

The place  of  destination:

Bell Bedgebury  International   Language  school,  Kent,  Goudhurst


April 22- April 29, 2012

The  organizer  of  the trip:   Информационно-образовательный центр «АНКОР» — Чебоксары

The  aims of  the  trip:

to help the  children  to  remove a psychological barrier  while speaking English,  to broaden  their  horizon, to show the culture  of  the other  country  and  to   motivate them  to  study  the  English  language  

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