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The children’s impressions about the trip/Отзывы ребят о поездке в Великобританию

“Англия мне дала возможность душевно пообщаться с носителями языка”. “ Запомнилось мне видео, которое нам показал учитель; полезным было все.”  «В Англии лично для себя я узнал очень много нового и интересного. Я считаю, что мой английский стал в разы лучше. Англия произвела несгладимое  впечатление» ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— «Travelling to England  gave  me  an  opportunity to have […]

Days 7 and 8 / Дни седьмой и восьмой (28.04.-29.04.12)

Coming  back  home /Возвращение домой On Saturday there  weren’t  any  lessons. The   kids had  much  free  time  to  pack  their  things, spend  some  time  in  the ITC  classroom. And we  felt  sorry we hadn’t  been  able to walk around as it  had  been raining all day  long. At 6:15 pm we  left  for the […]

Day 6. Friday /День шестой. Пятница (27.04.12)

The  last  day at  the  school/ Последний учебный день.  In the  morning  there were lessons. The  children were  given their  portfolios with the  language materials and the  recommendations  of  the  teachers. During the  day the  kids did different activities. There was much free time to  communicate  with each  other. We also took  part in the […]

Day 5. Thursday/День пятый. Четверг (26.04.12)

The trip to  London/Поездка в Лондон After  breakfast the   children were  taken  to London. We looked   forward   to  this  day:) On  the   arrival our  group went  to  St. Paul’s Cathedral,  which  was designed  by   architect  Christopher Wren  and  built in the XV th-XVIth centuries. Then there was an excursion  about […]

Day 4. Wednesday / День четвертый. Среда. (25.04.12)

The trip to Odeon/Поездка в кинотеатр «Одеон»   It rained  in the  morning  again. The  weather  in  England  is  unpredictable, especially in  April.  Sunny  weather can  be  replaced  by rainy  weather very  quickly. The  first  part  of  the day was as  usual: breakfast, lessons, activity programme…  In the evening at 7 pm the students were  taken […]

Day 3. Thuesday / День третий. Вторник. (23.04.12)

The trip to Rye /Поездка в г.Рай  The rain woke  us… ..But   at  about  9 it   stopped. Before  the  lessons the  children  were told about Frank Bell who   founded  Bell Bedgebury International Language School  .. As usual the  kids had  2 lessons  with two 20  minute  breaks. And while the  children  were […]

Day 2. Monday/ День второй.Понедельник (23.04.12)

 Test /Входное тестирование  In the  morning after  breakfast the students were  told  about  the  school  rules.  Then they  wrote a  test. It  was necessary  to do  it to know the  level  of  their English and  to divide  into  groups. The  test  lasted for 2  hours and  included 2  parts:   writing and speaking.  Ann  Voevodina […]