The first day  at  the school / Первый день  в школе ….1,5 hours  later  we arrived  at  the  school  where  we  were  met  by   hospitable  staff and taken to  the  school canteen. And  then each  child was talked  to  about the   school  rules and given  a  room.   After  that the Russian  students […]

Лондон с высоты птичего полета

  …We  worried  before the  trip  a lot but  fortunately nothing  bad  happened during  2  flights. The  first  plane from  Nizhny  Novgorod  to Moscow  had  many  foreigners on its  board.  Among  them there was  a group  of students  from Germany,  who had  come  to Russia  to  study within  a  month. One  of the students turned […]

 In Nozhny Novgorod/ В Нижнем Новгороде…  4 hours passed very  quickly and we didn’t notice  how  we  had  come  to  the  airport » Strigino»  in Nizhny Novgorod.  There was  quite  much time  before  our  flight and we could play,  watch films on  laptops, just   chat to each  other.  Besides we  found   very  big […]

At last  this long  expected  day  has  come! =)    И вот, наконец, этот долгожданный день настал! =)